Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Gregory Wong posts a photo from the set of THE MENU and apologizes to Jacquelin Chong
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Artist Gregory Wong Chung Hiu reportedly was upset that Jacquelin Chong Si Man took two film roles in a row, the scheduling and image conflicts from which made her unable to coordinate with his film THE MENU (DOH FOR SUN MUN SIN) as he hinted that she was less than professional. Chong Si Man two nights ago broke down as she felt that Wong Chung Hiu disrespected her. Three hours later Wong Chung Hiu posted online, "Today I misspoke and made things difficult for everyone...sorry... as for the other stuff, everyone can decide for themselves." Later he posted, "I received greetings from many friends, thank you for warming my heart." When reporters contacted Chong Si Man again, she only said, "I feel much better, I won't comment on anything else. Thank you for your concern."

Reportedly, company boss Stephen Shiu Jr. kept her eye on the matter and would solemnly handle it. He has already issued a "gag order" on both and asked them to meet at the company today (the 10th) and discuss their feelings and opinions in a peaceful environment in hopes of finding a way for them to understand each other. He also would not eliminate the possibility that they would meet with fans and the media after reaching an agreement to answer for and conclude the matter. Meanwhile, Chong Si Man's sisters Mona Chong Si Wa and Lisa Chong Si Ming posted their support for her on social media.

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