Friday, December 18, 2015


Janelle Sing says that the wardrobe malfunction is completely accidental
Janelle Sing takes a beating and reportedly breaks down later
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Artist Janelle Sing Kwan earlier worked on the wrap for S STORM (S FUNG BO) when two stuntmen tore her clothes and burnt her hair. She was so scared that she broke down. Later reportedly she became depressed and earlier even went to see a psychiatrist for post traumatic stress disorder.

Sing Kwan yesterday responded, "Beforehand we didn't say anything about ripping clothes. At the time I was a little scared. I cried but not for too long. I was afraid of being disfigured, even if I had a wardrobe malfunction it was a minor one. I wasn't mad, it was an accident. It was very minor. I didn't mind." As for going to the doctor, Sing Kwan denied that she went for mood disorder. "I went to the doctor for the flu. I am optimistic, what has passed is in the past." As for her rumors with Ron Ng Cheuk Hei while working on a Mainland series, she said, "Ng Cheuk Hei and I are just good friends. We are still in contact, but only friendly greetings."

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