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Patrick Kong, Alex Fong Lik Sun and Stephy Tang
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The Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) directed film ANNIVERSARY (GEI LIM YUT) two nights ago promoted. He along with actors Alex Fong Lik Sun and Stephy Tang Lai Yun attended. Siu Fong and Stephy have been together for awhile but they still exchanged gifts for Christmas. Stephy pointed out that Siu Fong made a rare gesture with flowers and card. Siu Fong revealed that his father after watching the film praised "future daughter in law" Stephy's great acting.

Siu Fong and Stephy arrived separately two nights ago. Stephy was a little late due to a traffic jam. They said that in the future they will promote in the Mainland and return to Hong Kong after Christmas. Did they buy gifts for each other? Stephy said that she already got it and was very surprised, because it actually had flowers, a card and a bag. She said, "It's very rare for him to give a card and flowers. After giving me flowers during the first year he never did again. This was the second time I received flowers." Siu Fong added that she said that she did not like flowers too much. Later he read in an interview that actually she liked to get flowers from her boyfriend. Thus this time he chose to give her roses. Did Stephy like them very much? She sweetly said, "I do, I selectively like them!" She still have not given Siu Fong a gift yet and hoped that she would be able to surprise him.

Siu Fong said that he received the support of many friends at the premiere. Stephy also received a lot of text messages from friends to say that after watching the film their eyes were swollen from crying. She was very happy that the film was be able to affect others. Thus at the celebration she was so happy that she got drunk. Siu Fong said that his father after watching the premiere, he sent a text message to praise how well Stephy performed. "Siu Tang performed very well, a character female star with looks. In the entire film her emotions were very rich in her performance, it was the best for Siu Tang."

Was Stephy very happy to receive her future father in law's praise. Siu Fong immediately chimed in, "They are very close, it's got nothing to do with who they are. Of course she is happy about getting praises." Stephy admitted that she was very happy. Actually Papa Fong also praised siu Fong. Siu Fong said that he complained to the director about why he made Stephy look very pretty but him not as handsome. Yip Lim Sum joked that he should not ask because he should have a mirror at home.

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