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Nick Cheung gets to try some food while promoting
A crowd gathers wherever Louis Koo goes
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The film LINE WALKER (SI TOH HUNG JEH) will officially open on August 11th. Recently the cast has been promoting the film nonstop, but the closely bonded Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Louis Koo Tin Lok have never been together. Ka Fai has been visiting various Mainland cities and towns while Goo Jai has been promoting in Malaysia.

Ka Fai in the Mainland was asked about his relationship with Goo Jai. He responded, "We accept each other, never leave or give up on each other. He and I are just like a couple." Ka Fai also said that he rather looked forward to the Beijing premiere when he would be able to reunite with Goo Jai. Ka Fai said, "We have a lot of experience from working together, but this time pulled our relationship even closer. We are not only colleagues but even more like family, like a wife or a brother. No matter what happens we wouldn't quit on each other." Speaking of working on the movie together in Brazil, the host said that they actually went on their "honeymoon." When Goo Jai was asked about his relationship with Ka Fai in Malaysia, he would agreed that they were like a couple. However he added, "Actually I know Ka Fai has a wife, I wouldn't break them up."

Goo Jai promoted alone in Malaysia and could not help but feel lonely. However the fans in Malaysia have been rather passionate toward Goo Jai. Some fans even came all the way from Singapore, which made Goo Jai rather happy.

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