Monday, August 29, 2016


Linah Matsuoka introduces the worship ceremony to Masatoshi Nakamura and Ren Ishikawa
Linah Matsuoka and Masatoshi Nakamura play daughter and father
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The 65 year old Japanese singer and star of the hit Japanese series SHIN ORETACHI NO TABI Masatoshi Nakamura recently worked with Linah Matsuoka and the new generation Japanese model Ren Ishikawa on the Hong Kong film YUT YEH JOI SING MING (OVERNIGHT SUCCESS AGAIN). In the story Nakamura played a second hand record store boss who lived with his daughter Matsuoka. Television producer Ren Ishikawa discovered that he actually was a reclusive singer and put all of her effort into helping her back to the stage again.

Earlier the film started production in Tokyo, Japan. The team arranged a simple worship ceremony. Nakamura and Ren Ishikawa were very curious but needed Matsuoka to explain the ceremony. She also taught them to present incense sticks to pray a smooth production.

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