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Celia Kwok and Carlos Chan
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Opening next Thursday in Hong Kong, the new film HAPPINESS (HUNG WON SI NGOR) had a fiery love scene that exceeded censorship limits. Newlywed Celia Kwok Wing Yi in the film had a daring bed scene with her on screen boyfriend Carlos Chan Ka Lok, as her final release before her wedding.

The Chan Ka Lok played "youth on the edge" had to live in a subdivided room in the film. Although he was very poor he still had Celia K. as his girlfriend. She even "delivered" to the tiny room to "battle" Chan Ka Lok. Actually director Andy Lo (Law Yiu Fai) has seen Chan Ka Lok in the AIDS prevention film FOR LOVE, WE CAN (OI, BUT LAN), in which he had a series of make up and bed scenes with another actor Neo Yau Hawk-Sau. Director Law felt that Chan Ka Lok was very daring and had no bottom line. At the same time HAPPINESS had a bed scene, so he asked him to give it a try. Chan Ka Lok joked, "After FOR LOVE, WE CAN, I really got an offer from a man!"

That fiery scene took place in an old Sham Shui Po building. Celia K. lay topless on top of Chan Ka Lok and got intimate for two full minutes. Although she was married, Celia K. did not feel that her husband would mind. "Marriage doesn't affect my on screen work. It's a part of life. Even when I will have a child in the future, I feel playing a wife or a mother role may be even more 'appropriate'." Unfortunately the audience would not be able to see this scene because the film received a category IIB rating. Due to censorship limits Law Yiu Fai could only remove this bed scene. He hoped to be able to include it in the video release.

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