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Vic Chou Man Yu in the action film S STORM played a lone assassin as he battled with Louis Koo Tin Lok and Julian Cheung Chi Lam. Jai Jai personally performed many stunts in the film, with car chases and gun fights in the busy city streets. However Jai Jai said that riding a motorcycle while shooting a gun was not difficult at all. The hardest and what he worried the most about was the safety of his passenger DaDa Chan Jing. Jai Jai said, "When I made BLACK AND WHITE I already had a lot of training, so car chases and gun fight scenes comes as easily as they can be to me; for each shot to be precise, before the shoot the director and the cinematographer kept meeting. So I am not worried about car chases and gun fights. Instead sometimes when the story called for me to ride through the city with DaDa, the pressure naturally came. In particular when I learned that it was her first motorcycle ride. I was very worried that she would be scared. I could only remind her to hold on to me tightly. Luckily everything went smoothly."

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