Friday, August 19, 2016


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Francis Ng pulls Mainland actor Qiao Shan out of the trunk
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Feynman and Francis Ng really get into their performance.
Feynman guest stars in his father's movie and the crew escorts him
Cheung Tat Ming visits the set and jokes that for Francis Ng he would work for free
Francis Ng gets the crowd to be his extras
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Francis Ng Chun Yu two nights ago set up roadblocks in Mongkok to continue to shoot his written, directed and starred new film. Three nights ago a man blocked the road and hindered production, later wood and water bottle fell from the sky and injured a worker and two pedestrians. In the chaos, the suspect allegedly got a beating. Another pedestrian struck back at the suspect with a plastic cup and hit a cop instead. All three were taken to the police station. Despite the unpleasantness, Chun Yu two nights ago still had 100 onlookers. Chun Yu and the team were very nice. Chun Yu often removed his jacket and used the bullhorn to ask the pedestrians to be extras. When he yelled cut everyone could rush up. Chun Yu loudly said, "Thank you for supporting Hong Kong film!" Early yesterday morning still many pedestrians remained and refused to leave.

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