Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Mrs. Chan is very touched that Leslie Cheung fans around the world started their own events
Leila Tong plays a childhood Leslie Cheung
courtesy of on.cc

This year would have been the late superstar Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's 60th birthday. Radio Hong Kong added descriptive video service to four of his classic films A BETTER TOMORROW (YING HUNG BOON SIK), A CHINESE GHOST STORY (SIN NUI YAU WON), ROUGE (YIN JI KAU) and ONCE A THIEF (JUNG WAN SEI HOI). Yesterday at the press conference, Chan Suk Fun, Michael Lai Siu Tin, Leila Tong Ning and C AllStars were among the guests who where invited to salute Gor Gor.

Chan Suk Fun revealed that this year would have been Gor Gor's 60th birthday, "Gor fans" from around the world have planned events to commemorate the big day, which made her feel everyone's love for Gor Gor. Thus she too hoped to be able to share a little more about her life with Gor Gor with everyone in the future, from which they could understand how Gor Gor treated people and matter. Mrs. Chan said that she was planning on September 12th, Gor Gor's 60th birthday, to release an online publication. Thus she called Gor Gor's friends, fans and co-workers to send to the LesFanmily email address photos with Gor Gor and brief stories about Gor Gor. 60 stories would be selected for the online publication to share with Gor fans Gor Gor's life as a birthday gift to Gor Gor.

Mrs. Chan said that she was looking for some photos with Gor Gor herself. As for Gor Gor's love Daffy Tong Hok Tak also agreed to look for photos with Gor Gor. Mrs. Chan said that in the future she would also turned the online publication into print. She said, "The cost won't matter, this is a birthday gift. I hope to the product will be a little prettier and a little more touching!" Speaking of Tong Tong, Mrs. Chan pointd out that he was at family wedding overseas. Was his life very dull now? Mrs. Chan said that Tong Tong often went to play ball and a lot of sports. Now he was just like an athlete.

Tong Ning in her child star days played the childhood Gor Gor in BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR (BAK FAT MOR NUI JUEN) and in ONCE A THIEF she played the childhood Cherie Chung Chor Hung. Unfortunately she had no chance to work with Gor Gor both times. Instead she ran into Gor Gor in the voice work studio and even took a photo with him. She still remembered Gor Gor said to her at the time, "You are the one who plays the childhood me!" Tong Ning also learned about Chan Suk Fun's call for photos and stories. She said that she could share this photo with everyone.

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