Friday, August 19, 2016


Eddie Peng and Sean Lau wield their weapons

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The kung fu epic CALL OF HEROS (NGAI SING) two nights ago held its Taiwan premiere. Director Benny Chan Muk Sing led Sean Lau Ching Wan, Eddie Peng Yu-Yan promoted together, just by walking on the red carpet they made the almost 600 fans very excited and the event jam packed.

Ching Wan has rarely made costume wu xia films in his career. This time he played a defense force chief and trained hard on wielding the whip. During practice he often hit himself or others by accident. Ching Wan after finishing the entire film lost 4 kilograms, but he said that after he got the script he looked forward to working with Chan Muk Sing again. "It would have been worth it even if I ended up even more exhausted! In addition I even learned to wield the whip." He even picked up a whip and made cool poses. He also praised Louis Koo Tin Lok who was unable to promote in Taiwan and said that he played a bad to the bone warlord and had to keep laughing. It was very painful to laugh throughout all the shoots, which made him feel bad for him.

Peng Yu-Yan returned home to promote and had a complete transformation in the film. He not only had facial hair but also freckles to play this dirty looking and wild wanderer. Peng Yu-Yan said that he was not as masculine as Goo Jai so if he wanted his costume to be closer to his character he had to make such a "sacrifice".

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