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The box office success of the film was worth all the beating Charmaine Sheh took

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The film LINE WALKER (SI TOH HUNG JEH) two days ago opened in Hong Kong and China and performed well. In Hong Kong it was the box office champion with HK$1,104,260 yesterday. In China, its total box office was already over 60 million RMB. Many said that the television series continuation film that felt the most like a movie. In the film, most of the attention naturally went to the reappearance of the soul character Benz Hui Siu Hung. In the series he played the mysterious mob boss Tam Foon Hei. In the film Brother Foon Hei not only returned but the mysterious relationship between him and Sister Ting would also be unveiled. Many viewers after watching the film said that Brother Foon Hei's appearance and his scene with Sister Ting were both surprising and created another peak for the film story. Even co-stars Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Louis Koo Tin Lok immediately lost luster as their thunder was completely stolen. Benz Hung said, "This time the movie will resolve the unsolved mysteries of the series, like what happened to me, the mystery of my identity. The appearance of Brother Foon Hei was pretty special, Sister Ting was stunned. This time I only guest starred. I only took the script because the director was Man Wai Hung (Jazz Boon). This time before getting the script I already knew it would be good. (Earlier in the series) he was the most involved. He explained the relationship scenes to us. Before the actors cried he already cried."

Hui Siu Hung with LINE WALKER won the 2014 TVB Anniversary Award for Most Popular Male Television Character. In recent years he has been working on Mainland series. Benz Hung admitted that the Mainland pay was good and actors were respected. Benz Hung was the gag king in the hearts of many viewers. "Many people ask me if I specialize in comedy, but actually I never choose the script. Whatever script the directors and producers give me I would take. It wasn't intentional. Like Yeung Chin Wa (Miriam)'s LOVE UNCOVER (SUN JAT SI MUI), I never thought that the comedy of how to write sir of 'Fong Chung Sir' would have such a huge reaction. I would have never guessed how far 'go-go-go' would go. Sometimes when you want to make something stand out deliberately and constantly say it, you may not get the result. Instead people would get sick of it." Benz Hung's daughter is growing up. When asked if she was interested in getting into the business, he said that she had little interest in on screen work.

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