Saturday, August 20, 2016


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Grace Lam still dresss up for the premiere despite an injury from a new film
Ng Yo Yo
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Grace Lam Nga Sze and "Xanadu" Ng Yo Yo two nights ago attended the film KILO TWO BRAVO's charity premiere. Grace appeared in a military look with her left knee in bandage. She said that she was injured while shooting in the air earlier. For better results she insisted on performing her own stunt.

Lam Nga Sze recalled the moment of her injury. "In the film I was a kung fu star. I had to slide down a wooden block from over ten feet above and spin like pole dancing. That's how I got hurt." She said that during the shoot she did not use any wire, but padding and the crew were preparing to catch her on the ground. She hoped to recover soon and continue the shoot. She said, "I don't want to ask a stunt double to do it for me, I want to do the stunt myself. I have had pole dancing lessons in addition, and I would keep practicing." Did her son know about her injury? Grace said that she did not tell him because she was afraid that he would yell at her. "He doesn't know yet and I don't want him to know. He would yell at me for performing dangerous stunts."

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