Friday, August 12, 2016


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Best Actor Francis Ng Chun Yu yesterday worked on his new film in Wong Tai Sin. Chun Yu wrote, directed and starred in the film. Yesterday he appeared in his classic character Ugly Kwan look. Due to the heat, he took off his jacket to cool down. Under the blazing sun, he as usual remained professional as he often instructed new actors on the set. His 7 year old son Feynman yesterday visited the set and ran around like he was at the playground. Later Feynman put on headphones to play the sound engineer.

When Feynman got bored and pouted later, Chun Yu asked him to rehearse in a scene in which a man in a suit picked him up and ran. Feynman was so happy that he laughed, which made the man in the suit laughed too. Although his son was only rehearsing, when Chun Yu saw that his son lost focused and looked away from the camera he immediately taught him to look at the camera and not to laugh. Finally even Chun Yu joined the running scene. During the break Feynman went to turn on the fan. Chun Yu held his son's hand and put his arm around his shoulder to cheer him up.

Also on the set yesterday a 20 year old girl, Chun Yu's new discovery. Chun Yu thought the girl was very suitable for one of the characters in the film and knew her parents, so he mustered the courage to invite her to participate. Since she was going to study overseas, she was willing to perform in a film to give herself a memorable summer. Although it was her first film, she seemed to be already a part of the production.

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