Tuesday, August 23, 2016


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Chin Siu Ho and his younger son
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The film TRAIN TO BUSAN two nights ago held a star advanced screening. Chin Siu Ho brought his 14 year old son Chin Wing Tak. He said that his son loved to play zombie video games. Since the film was only rated IIB he brought him. In mid October he will direct a vampire film so he came to learn a few tricks.

Siu Ho revealed that the film producer Joe Tay (Cheng King Kei) asked Richard Ng Yiu Hon to perform and planned to ask his older son Andrew Pong King Fung to play the young him. Siu Ho knew that his older son wanted to act, but because of his identity he was not at liberty to directly negotiate with his son. Thus he left it for Cheng King Kei. Will he teach his son to act? Siu Ho admitted, "I very rarely see him, I would wait until he finishes learning before giving him any opinion." He stressed that even if his son participated in a movie that he would direct, he would remain professional and would not just say that he performed well. As for his younger son for now he has not wanted to try his luck in film. Siu Ho thought that he was still young. He would let him learn more life experience and cultivate more talent and wait until he could dance and fight to show him off.

Carlos Chan Ka Lok's girlfriend Jennifer Yu Heung Yi went to the movie alone. She said that her boyfriend was in the Mainland to promote his film HAPPINESS (HUNG WON SI NGOR). She would wait until his return to watch the movie again together since she heard that her boyfriend performed decently in the film.

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