Monday, August 15, 2016


Louis Cheung blows his top because he cannot get a room.  Joyce Cheng cannot be more into it.

Eva Chan
Joyce Cheng
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Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi and Eva Chan Sze Wai yesterday worked on their new film SINKING CITY (SAI FONG GIK LOK: LOI JI TAI HUNG CHONG DIK NEI) at a hourly hotel. Ah Chung and Yun Yi who played a couple said that it was their first time at a hourly hotel. Speaking of playing a couple with Yun Yi, Ah Chung said, "It's pretty innovative! This film is about how young people face the land problem, without any place to reproduce. It's appropriate yet crazy, like a cult film! (Did you have this problem when you were younger?) I was thinner, I didn't need a lot of space! I feel it's pretty cozy here, like a karaoke room. Normally even when I pass by downstairs, I would pick up my pace so people would get pictures and write stuff. However there is a parking lot nearby. It's known for being narrow and hard to park in. Once after I parked the car I was all sweaty and scratched my car door." Ah Chung's wife Kay Tse On Kay after announcing her sabbatical has been repeatedly rumored to have good news. Did he have any good news to announce? Ah Chung said, "I do! I am working, which is the good news! Thank you all of Hong Kong for cheering us on, I will leave it up to fate! When I have good news I would announce it."

Yun Yi said that she would perform her intimate scene well. "In this film we keep trying to get intimate but can't find a hotel, which makes our blood boil! (Since you are so close to Tse On Kay, do you dare to get so intimate with Ah Chung?) I dare very much! An actor has to be convincing, I have to let go of myself first!" Eva appeared in a busty push up look. She said, "I am not used to it at all! My co-workers say I made them bleed everywhere! (How many pads are you using?) It's only half a size larger! I actually am pretty stacked, I just normally keep it hidden! In the film I have different costumes that I would describe as 'busty'. I can't talk about them in detail yet. They would be very surprising. (Ah Chung has foul language in his lines, do you have any pressure?) Actually I am already nervous from working on my first film. Joyce and Ah Chung are good actors so I would have pressure. However they are very willing to help me."

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