Friday, August 26, 2016


Susan Shaw cherishes her life even more
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The 66 year old Susan Shaw Yam Yam earlier suffered an aortic dissection. Yesterday she appeared at Lam Kin Ming's birthday party. Sister Yam Yam revealed that her health was not ideal. "I was released from the hospital three days ago, now I have to recover. The doctor told me to live slowly. Sigh, how can someone as anxious as me live slowly? Now I have to do everything slow, I talk, think, and walk slowly. You are better off telling me to die. However this year I was lucky to survive. Aortic dissection hurt a lot, I was screaming for help, my eyes were rolling to the back of my head and I was convulsing. When it happened I was in Shaoguan, luckily my roommate found out. The a volunteer friend kept me company. When someone was going to die it could be very quick. The doctor told me to stay in bed everyday, take blood pressure pill, because if I got slightly upset my blood pressure would raise to 180 -- much higher than the usual 110. My daughter told me to retire, but I was very reluctant. I was fine before, suddenly my heart cramped up and I couldn't breathe. At the hospital I had to be on oxygen. I was in pain for a full dozen hours or so before I returned to Hong Kong to be hospitalized."

When will she officially return to work? She said, "The doctor told me not to ever work again in this lifetime. I am being forced to retire. Now as soon as I speak I would have a headache. Today is the Master's 80th birthday, I have to come. Maybe it can help me with my luck. I am so much younger than him, originally I had several movies now I can't make them. Earlier when I worked on a commercial I wrapped it up while I was ailing. Now I am always scared that I would be done just like that, so I am saying bye bye in advance."

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