Tuesday, August 16, 2016


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Susan Shaw updates her status live from the hospital
Andrew Lau
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The film WEEDS ON FIRE (DIM NG BO) two nights ago held its premiere. Actor Liu Kai Chi and guests Irene Wan Bik Ha, Andrew Lam Man Chung, Ann Hui On Wa, Wong Hei, Shine came to show their support. Irene at the end of last month celebrates her 50th birthday in Bali then immediately worked on a commercial in Beijing, but she got sick for two days. Her fans also gave her a surprise belated birthday party, for which she was touched. She also felt that time flew. She would properly cherish everything around her, including her friends and her work.

Lam Man Chung was concerned about her friend Susan Shaw Yam Yam's hospitalization due to heart disease. Ah Chung joked that Sister Yam Yam only went to see a gynecologist and was fine. When she called Sister Yam Yam no one answered. Later he found her daughter, who said that she just went to the bathroom. As far as Ah Chung knew Sister Yam Yam went to work in Shaoguan, she started a live broadcast and had a lot of hunks in her company. She might have been too excited and was already "scorching". With the heat she suffered a minor heat stroke. Her daughter then sent her straight to the hospital. She should be released in the next few days, as her blood pressure was a little low. However Sister Yam Yam reportedly had a spontaneous coronary artery dissection. Ah Chung joked, "Her pantyhose might have ripped. Maybe sh was too high. After her hospital release I will give her a cupping therapy."

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