Tuesday, August 16, 2016


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Francis Ng directs
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Best Actor Francis Ng Chun Yu is the actor, director and writer on a dark comedy mob film. Two nights ago the film set up a road block to shoot a car explosion scene. Over 100 people looked on in the rain. Chun Yu who was not in the shoot directed in person, with a rag on his head he took a selfie and talked on the photo during his break. he revealed that later other bloody scenes like slashing and belly cutting will be shot. 300 people will even appear in Causeway Bay for the major scene! He said, "In the scene I saved a child. It cost a lot of money, altogether almost the price of a Tuen Mun home. (Earlier someone called you 'Ugly Kwan'?) Really? I didn't hear it, but I haven't been to Mongkok in a long time. Normally I go to Temple Street more."

Earlier his son Feynman was on the set. Chun Yu said that he has not decided whether to let his perform. "I don't think he is fat enough, let me shoot the other scenes first. Feynman looks better fatter and would be more mature. (Does he really want to?) He has a desire to perform, he likes to make people laugh. Yet as soon as you tell him to take his mark and deliver his lines he gets bashful. (Would you change the script so he would less lines to say?) The script is already done, it won't be changed." He even revealed that he invited his friend Dayo Wong Tze Wah to perform, but he was unable to due to his play's additional shows. He joked that now without a god the overseas sale would be less as well.

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