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Louis Koo and Sean Lau are enemies in the film
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Louis Koo Tin Lok and Sean Lau Ching Wan have worked together more times than "you can count on both hands". Recently they again worked together on the Universe new film CALL OF HEROES (NGAI SING). Director Benny Chan Muk Sing gave them "fresh starts", with Ching Wan as the defense team leader and Goo Jai as the rich kid who enjoyed killing. Ching Wan stated that he was no match for Goo Jai's eyes. "He was pretty convincing as the maniac who wasn't afraid of death, had no fear, and killing was nothing to him. The defense team that I led really had no way to deal with me. Everyone could only expect to make the greatest sacrifice!"

As for Chan Muk Sing's deliberate arrangement, Goo Jai admitted, "As an actor I really have to try anything. This time the director was more afraid than me. Before and after casting he repeatedly asked me if I was afraid of hurting my image. He seemed to be brainwashing himself." In order to get into character, Goo Jai said that he had to get into the director's inner world. "I had to understand what the director was thinking because he kept making changes, he had new ideas on the spot."

Goo Jai dunked Ching Wan upside down into a wine barrel in the film. Goo jai said, "With any mishap we had to start over again. I had a lot of pressure." Ching Wan comforted him. "It was only a few times, it was reasonable." He also said that this time was a memorable experience. "Actually when you are upside down the water goes into the nostrils first. So I put cotton balls in my nostrils and ears. During the shoot I held my breath, which was very hard to do upside down. (Were you very scared?) No, if anything happened they would drag me back up! (Did you really trust the team?) Yes."

Ching Wan worked on what was probably his first serious fight scene in his career. He said that during the shoot he only had minor injuries. "The leather whip I held was elastic, if I didn't use the right amount of force it would bounce back and hit myself. It wasn't as dangerous as a modern action film, with explosions and car chases at every turn."

Speaking of the strong summer competition, they had little box office pressure. Goo Jai described that each film had its own "destiny". Ching Wan admitted, "Of course I want it to perform well, but actors can only do their best."

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