Friday, August 12, 2016


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Pakho Chau starred in the film DELUSION (MONG SEUNG JING), which will air on LeTV. He played a mentally ill otaku with severe insomnia. He said that his character was very much like the real him. Aside from anxiety he also had a habit of calling the police. "Before I got into the business I wouldn't sleep until 7AM. I went to see a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. I was afraid of taking the elevator and wearing bottleneck shirt. At the time I always felt that I didn't have enough time and became very anxious. When I was hungry I had to eat right away. As soon as something happened I would throw a tantrum. In the end I didn't want to resolve it with sleeping pill. Mama suggested that I went to live overseas for awhile. (Did You have a habit of calling the police?) For justice! When I drove I saw some people walking on the highway, I also found a young person crying on the street When I thought they were in danger I would call the police."

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