Tuesday, August 16, 2016


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Alan Tam, Jaime Chik, Christine Ng, Jordan Chan
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Principal Alan Tam Wing Lun and Sam Soh Jaime Chik Mei Chun starred in the film FOOLING AROUND JIANG HU, which will open in Hong Kong on September 1st. Actually since working together in 1983 they have not worked together. Sam Soh joked that she finally had her chance at revenge and avenge her lack of a kiss. In the new film she and Principal kissed.

In the film they played two long lost lovers. Alan said that they lost touch while running away from enemies. Years ago they ran into each other at the hospital. "I even had to take advantage of her and check her wound." Sam Soh explained that at the time while Alan was carrying her during their escape, she took three chops to her rear. Thus Alan had to check her scars to verify her identity. Yet she joked, "I was obviously trying to save me but he instead blocked the chops with me."

Sam Soh said that Alan was busy so trying to work with him was hard. Alan said that they only worked together on music videos before. This was the first film that they worked together on. He complained, "After all the music videos, we didn't have one single kiss scene. I don't know if Sam Gor bought off the directors to keep me from kissing Sam Soh." Sam Soh responded, "That's right, everyone who made a music video with Alan got to kiss him except me. This time I finally get the chance to avenge my lack of kiss. In the film I kissed Alan until his lips fell off." Alan said that their collaboration was very pleasant. He praised Sam Soh for performing well and bringing him more into his character. Sam Soh said that she did not know whether that was the way with film, but when she was new and just started on television, elders taught her that. She only followed their lead.

Did Sam Soh's daughter want to get into the business? She said that she would not answer for her. "It's her world." Her daughter was interested in photography and film, instead her son liked computer and economics. Sam Soh also said that she asked her son to download POKEMON GO in Canada before returning to Hong Kong. Sam Gor yelled at her for encouraging their son to play.

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