Friday, August 12, 2016


Seungri often chats up Bai Bing

Seungri posts with a fan
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Korean group Big Bang member Seungri starred in the Charine Chan Ka Ling produced and written new film BONJOUR LES COULEURS DE L'AMOUR, which has been shooting on location in Hong Kong.

The team yesterday shot in a Clearwater Bay school. Seungri, Mainland star Bai Bing and Taiwan star Bea Hayden were on the set early for preparation. Singer Jonathan Wong Chee Hynn and Sarika Choy Yuen Shan were also on hand. Although it was humid, hot and early in the morning, Seungri was in good spirits with beauties around him.

Around 11AM, Seungri and the cast went to a field for the shoot. Seungri and Bai Bing sat shoulder to shoulder. He often chatted up Bai Bing. Bea Hayden and Sarika Choy also joined in the discussion. Seungri often flashed his brilliant smile with beauties all around him.

Around lunch, the team stopped for rice boxes except Seungri, who played soccer with a few foreign children. After that he again showed his friendly side and took photos with each person.

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