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Jeana Ho and Hidy Yu want to become action actress and do not mind the hardship
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Artists Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Wilson Chin Kwok Wai, Hidy Yu Hiu Tung and Wong Wing Fung two nights ago promoted their film SPECIAL FEMALE FORCE (LAT GAING BA WONG FA) in Macau. The film will open in October in Hong Kong. Jeana revealed that before the film was released a sequel was already in the works. She said that she wanted to try jumping off a building. "Of course I would do it with wires. I like excitement, I won't be scared." With all the fighting in the new film, would she like to become an action actress? Jeana said, "I was very excited during the fights. (Do you want to become an action actress?) I haven't reached that level yet, I want to achieve a different feeling with the fighting. I don't want to play cute. Instead after the shoot I gained 8 kilograms, because after training too much I would immediately eat and absorb it 100%." Would her director boyfriend Philip Yung Chi Kwong be worried? She said that he would not want to see her get hurt so he would not be on the set. When would they work together as a couple? She said, "Next year at the soonest, I am not at liberty to talk about the details. (Will you charge more or less?) More than full rate. (Will you be the lead actress?) No."

Wilson stated that he would like to start work on the sequel next year and add in new blood. He had his target set on second generation show business stars like Angie Chiu Nga Chi's son Wesley Wong Hoi Kit.

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