Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin

Chin Kar Lok, Angela Tong and their children
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Chin Siu Tung (top), Andrew Lau

Ruco Chan does not resist Phoebe Sin's punch to the face
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The documentary film KUNG FU STUNTMEN two nights ago held its premiere during the Number 8 hurricane signal. Many industry insiders attended in support, including Chin Kar Lok with his wife and two daughters, directors Andrew Lau Wai Keung, Ching Siu Tung, Ruco Chan Jin Pang and his wife Phoebe Sin Man Yau. Chin Kar Lok revealed that actually Jackie Chan shot a video in support, but due to his image right issues it could not be used.

As one of the producers of KUNG, Chin Kar Lok said that he had no pressure from box office numbers. He pointed out that at first a Mainland producer wanted to make a movie about kung fu stuntmen. He then suggested making a documentary. He did not want it to be too commercial. In turn many big brothers were willing to help. "I really want to thank the directors and many big brothers for being willing to help with me with fulfilling this dream. It's very rare to come together so well!" However Jackie Chan was missing? Kar Lok explained that actually Big Brother Jackie Chan personally shot a video for them, but due to very complicated image right issues they had to cut it out.

For the premiere two nights ago, Kar Lok said that he spent a lot of time to invite the guests. He invited most of them personally. When he invited Ching Siu Tung, because he rarely attended premieres, Kar Lok spent almost a hour on the phone before he successfully invited him. Kar Lok also started as a stuntman, so he probably had wounds all over? He joked, "If we have been on the job until our age but still don't have any would, then that person was 'slacking off' in his youth!"

In addition, Ruco Chan Chin Pang took his wife Phoebe Sin Man Yau to the premiere. He joked that it was all thanks to the Number Eight hurricane signal, because he was working on two series at the same time. The typhoon cancelled all the shoots. "So we can come to the movies for a date!" Jin Pang said that in his heart, the feeling that kung fu stuntmen gave him was very meaningful. First they represented Hong Kong, secondly he usually would work on a lot of action scenes. However in comparison to the real kung fu stuntmen, his was only for show!

Has Sin Man Yau worried about Jing Pang getting hurt from the constant action scenes? She answered, "He is very agile! At home we would occasionally spar!" Who has won more? She joked, "Of course me! haha!" Jin Pang also joked, "Then you understand why I am so agile! I know how to dodge, haha!" He then praised his wife for actually being very attentive. Occasionally when he returned home with a bruise from working on a series, his wife would immediately rub medicated oil on him. However even despite he is a father now, Jin Pang said that he still would not hold back on action scenes. He said, "It's very hard, if your action isn't as dangerous as before it wouldn't be as entertaining. However of course I would take all the safety precautions first, working to the best of my abilities for the audience to enjoy!"

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