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Chrissie Chau grew so much thinner for the film that fans urged her to eat more

Louis Cheung dropped pounds for the role and could compete with Chrissie Chau on who would be thinner

Chrissie Chau and Louis Cheung had many intimate scenes.  Luckily they had chemistry and easily got through them
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Artists Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Louis Cheung Kai Chung worked together again in a new film. Ah Chung for the new film sacrificed his muscles, while Chau Sau Na lost her brain cells as she grew thinner and thinner under the suppressed emotions! They had a romantic hair washing scene, but Ah Chung joked that whether he was romantic, the "user" Kay Tse On Kay would have to be asked!

Chau Sau Na and Cheung Kai Chung starred in the film MADALENA, which was about to open. Ah Chung pointed out that the greatest challenge was the role had no funny part at all unlike his usual roles. In order to coordinate with the character's down-and-out image he even deliberately reduced his muscles. He said, "The film was shot in Macau. During the quarantine period I ran in the room. With the aid of the costumes, once I stood next to laborers to watch Chrissie at work. The team couldn't find me!" Chrissie has contributed a lot of effort. She stated, "A lot of brain cells died, because the character was very suppressed. Before the shoot I had a great appetite, but as the shoot went on I grew thinner. I couldn't eat."

In the film they had a kiss and car make-out scenes. They said that since they were already in character, they would not be awkward but have some difficulties. Chrissie said, "The car was very narrow inside, we were often hitting our heads and legs. We also had to accommodate the cinematographer's angles." Speaking of the scene in which Chrissie washed Ah Chung's hair, Ah Chung felt that this was ordinarily romantic. When asked if he has washed his wife Kay Tse On Kay's hair? He said, "No, she hasn't washed mine either. (Are you a romantic person?) You have to ask the user for her opinion, I of course feel I am." Chrissie bore witness for her co-star. "I feel he is, because he came up with some of the romantic parts in the film."

Some film critics praised Chrissie's acting. Was she confident about challenging for the Best Actress award? She humbly said that she has not thought about it. She was already happy from the compliments. Ah Chung said that he would describe her as "open". In several scenes he saw her radiating.

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