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Chrissie Chau and Louis Cheung hope to compete for lead acting awards
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Despite being match stick thin, Chrissie Chau manages to keep her abdominal muscles

Louis Cheung's performance actually makes him the role model for divorced men
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Louis Cheung Kai Chung yesterday attended the film MADALENA's promotion and the Golden Harvest Tai Po cinema's opening ceremony. Sister Na bared her midriff to show off her abdominal muscles. She somewhat bashfully said that earlier she tried surfing, but due to the lack of muscles she did not have enough strength. She had to train hard with a coach on her lower body and abdominal muscles. With a diet regiment she was able to achieve her current condition. Having always worked out, Cheung Kai Chung said that to not be afraid of eating. In order to be fit you had to have a balanced diet with exercises, not eating was incorrect. Some artists have poisoned everyone, with zero fat muscles could not be achieved. However he said that nature determined how many packs of abdominal muscles you would achieve, his 6 pack for example was very obvious. However when he trained for the other 2 they still have not appeared yet. Sister Na said that Ah Chung had a way to train, he could be big or small at any time. Since she got hurt from training, she has also asked Ah Chung for advice.

MADALENA received good reviews. Ah Chung and Sister Na went all over to thank the audience. Ah Chung said that he was very happy to hear the audience's praises of their performance. Would they like to be nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor and Best Actress? Ah Chung said that a nomination of course would be good; but seeing the audience getting into the heartbreak as if they remembered their own personal past, he knew that they liked this film. The happiness truly felt priceless.

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