Tuesday, October 12, 2021


Chloe So

Ashina Kwok
courtesy of on.cc

Chloe So Ho Yi, Ashina Kwok Yik Sum and Ling Man Lung starred in the film SCA3RY (MAN GWAI 3 BO). The cast earlier gathered at the set for a production start worship ceremony. Chloe in recent years worked on many horror films and seemed to already be "scared of nothing". That day she and Kwok Yik Sum both made the "very scared" expression, having a little fun before the production.

The film would consist of three parts. Ling Man Lung, Kaki Sham, Fat Cheong and Chung Suet Ying would star in the prison segment. Ling Man Lung said, "Actually this is an interesting comedy, I am very afraid of watching ghost movies. If it's purely a ghost movie I might not have taken it. However it's a comedy that can bring joy. I can give it a try." Aaron Chow Chi Kwan and Chloe would be working together for a second time, coincidentally both films were related to the supernatural.

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