Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Terrance Lau, Louise Wong and Fish Liew
courtesy of on.cc

Artists Fish Liew Chi Yu, Louise Wong Dan Nei and Terrance Lau Chun Him earlier promoted their new film on Hong Kong Open Television. Wong Dan Nei for her film debut already played the diva of a generation Anita Mui Yim Fong, which she stated was destiny. She even revealed that at first when she was invited to the audition she thought it was a con. "I didn't feel I look like Sister Mui. They said that they thought my mouth resembled hers." As for the film also staring Louis Koo Tin Lok, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and others, she admitted that she had pressure. "But they were all great, very willing to share their experience with the younger generation. On the set they chatted and laughed, the atmosphere at work was a happy one."

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