Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Irene Wang, Mama Wang, Cissy Wang
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Cissy Wang yesterday attended a SK-II event and revealed that her husband Donnie Yen Chi Tan is very busy. He is preparing for the November production CHIU CUP YING HUNG (SUPER HERO) and several Hollywood films. She said, "I told him not to make foreign films. I am already very satisfied, I don't want him to work so hard. However he loves movies too much, when he has a good script and character he wants to work. He is a workaholic, he wants to break through his level. I told him, let it go, let other people do it!" Was making the American dollar bad? She joked that the American dollar is no match for RMB.

Was it because he had to work on foreign films he could not make IP MAN 3? Cissy denied that and said that the six month production period for the film company has passed. As for claims that Yen Chi Tan was asking for too much, she denied that Yen Chi Tan's salary was as much as 50 million. She joked that if his salary was so high, she would not have to work so hard. "It's not a salary issue. Some Hollywood film salaries are even higher, but he has to play a villain. He has quite a sense of justice so he turned it down." However, he felt that IP MAN film would be the best if it would be a collaboration with director Wilson Yip Wai Shun. Was he upset that Raymond Wong Pak Ming's son Edmond Wong Chi Hung would direct? She was unsure, in the end she felt that it had to be Yip Wai Shun's movie.

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