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Donnie Yen would like an uniform style and prefer to work with Wilson Yip
Raymond Wong denies kicking out Wilson Yip for his son
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John Chong holds a press conference to clarify rumors and is working with Donnie Yen on his schedule
Wilson Yip admits suggesting for Edmond Wong to direct
Donnie Yen wants to work with the original team and objects to Edmond Wong directing
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Pegasus Motion Pictures CEO John Chong Ching yesterday called for a press conference to clarify the rumor that boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming making his son Edmond Wong Chi Wun the director of IP MAN 3 in place of Wilson Yip Wai Shun and upsetting Donnie Yen Chi Tan. Chong Ching said, "Yip Wai Shun didn't have time to make it and suggested for IP MAN screen writer Wong Chi Wun to direct. Yen Chi Tan indeed strongly objects. Actually Wong Chi Wun has to prepare for his September wedding and can't make it either."

Was Wong Chi Wun upset about this? Chong Ching said, "Although he wasn't too upset, the clarification is necessary. He for now has no plan to direct. Even when he directs, he may not make this type of film." Chong Ching said that IP MAN 3 will not start production this year but will definitely be made, because a contract was signed with Ip Chun and Ip Ching. The script has also already received Mainland film authority approval and will be shot in 3D. Chong Ching said, "Wong Pak Ming and the company's intention is to shoot with the original team. I am continuously working on the schedule with Yen Chi Tan. He hasn't asked for 50 million."

The film company called Yip wai Shun, who admitted that he suggested for Wong Chi Wun to direct. As for Yen Chi Tan's demand of performing only with him as the director, Yip wai Shun said, "I want to thank him for trusting me, only feeling secure with me." Did Yen Chi Tan stipulate in his contract that he had to direct? Yip Wai Shun said, "No! We are so close, my intention too is the original team would make the production more fun." Chong Ching added, "Our mutual understanding is the production with the original team, when Yip Wai Shun has time then it will start production."

Wong Pak Ming yesterday said that Yip Wai Shun had to work on another film so he suggested for Wong Chi Wun to direct out of goodwill. He was only the producer. "I didn't kick out Yip Wai Shun to support my son." He said that after working with Yen Chi Tan for years, a break up is impossible.

As for the rumor of Yen Chi Tan asking for 50 million, Wong Pak Ming denied. "No no no! Yen Chi Tan and I didn't talk about money, just the scheduling problem. The salary is more than 50 million? I never said that. Chong Ching already negotiated the salary last year, and I agree with this reasonable rate."

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