Saturday, June 22, 2013


Daniel sleeps soundly in the arms of his mother
Derek, Rosanne and Baby Daniel
Little Rosanne Wong gives birth to a giant 8.2 pound baby
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2R member Rosanne Wong Yuen Kwan last Wednesday (19th) had a cesarean delivery. Both mother and son are safe. The baby weighed 8.2 pounds at birth, truly a giant baby. His Chinese name is Pak Sun and English name Daniel. Rosanne's husband Derek was with her during the delivery. Her family also came from Singapore.

Rosanne yesterday announced the good news online and posted a photo of the baby's feet. "My second baby is born! I never imagine that this little body of mine can give birth to a 8.2 pound, 50 centimeter baby! Hoho!" The tiny Rosanne was very excited to give birth to a giant baby. Her sister Race was also happy for her and thanked her for adding a baby to the family. She would love Daniel for life.

Rosanne's dentist husband Derek is of Chinese and British descendant, they had two children in three years. Older son Pak Shun (Dylan) is already 2. Rosanne said that Dylan was very alert. After learning that he has become a brother he was very concerned about his brother and was not jealous at all. Rosanne for now has no plan to have a third child yet.

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