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Aaron Kwok thanks Cheung Man Sun for making him one of the Four Great Heavenly Kings
Cheung Man Sun after 40 years in broadcasting will volunteer with his wife Che Suk Mui
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing yesterday attended a Radio Hong Kong event, which happened to be Assistant Director of Radio and Corporate Programming, Cheung Man Sun's final public event before retirement. He said, "Over 10 years I rarely attended radio events. Today has double meaning, not only a broadcast revolution but also the end of Brother Sun's 40 years in broadcasting. Back then he came up with the Four Great Heavenly Kings title."

Speaking of the frequently rumored China Central Television Spring Festival Evening's failure to unite the Four Great Heavenly Kings, Sing Sing said, "The last time was the 10th anniversary of the Hand Over. I believe in the future we definitely will have a chance, and the audience will look forward to it very much. I am coming up with a script that I will write, direct and star. Perhaps I will invite the 3 of them to guest star." As for the Four Great Heavenly Kings' lack of successors, Sing Sing felt that many new comers had potential but lacked opportunities. He hoped that new comers would rise someday as well.

Cheung Man Sun mentioned his naming of the Four Great Heavenly Kings. He said, "In 1992 Sing Sing was a new comer, participated in our Solar Project and was named the Four Great Heavenly Kings with (Jacky) Cheung Hok Yau, (Andy) Lau Tak Wa and (Leon) Lai Ming. Finally he didn't disappoint his fans, everyone witnessed his performance over the years." He chose June 28 to be his final day at work because it will be the 85th anniversary of Radio Hong Kong. After retiring he and his wife Che Suk Mui will volunteer in July.

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