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Nick Cheung Ka Fai and the 10 year old Malaysian child star Crystal Lee with the film UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN) two nights ago won the Shanghai International Film Festival Golden Goblet Awards for Best Actor and Best Actress. One of the jury members Yu Nan revealed that Cheung Ka Fai received unanimous votes for Best Actor because his UNBEATABLE performance was particularly outstanding that it made people feel he was too good. Russian film THE MAJOR's lead actor gave strong competition but his image was not as clear cut as Cheung Ka Fai. He created an alternative heroic image. Thus 7 jury members voted unanimously for Cheung Ka Fai. As for Best Actress Crystal Lee, the jury was concerned about her age. However everyone still thought that the girl performed very well. In the end she also received the most votes to win Best Actress.

Before the race Cheung Ka Fai was already rumored to win the Best Actor award firmly. Cheung Ka Fai said that aside from the event he would never believe any prediction or rumor; before the award was in his hands it was not his, everyone wanted to win. If he did not win, he would still work hard. He also said that he won without seeing UNBEATABLE, which gave him a shot of confidence. Before the award presentation he did not make any preparation, so on the stage he was a little nervous. He would be nervous about and cherish every award. As for the film UNBEATABLE, Ka Fai admitted that this film was the warmest in his career. He even said that he hoped to make a sequel to continue his story with Crystal Lee and have a real fight with Eddie Peng Yu-Yen.

The youngest Golden Goblet Best Actress Crystal Lee in THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN) played Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's daughter and already made a splash. She said that she was not afraid or nervous to face stars when she acted, as she treated it like everyday life.

Johnson Lee signed Crystal Lee for his company and congratulated her online. "My Best Actress, Your brother is proud of you." Reportedly Johnson Lee Si Jit's August Hong Kong nostalgia film OLD MASTER Q (LO FU JI) will have a part for the fresh out of the oven Best Actress as well. When asked whether Si Jit will give her a raise, he said, "I am both the manager and the director, how should I answer you?" Will he tailor a new film for her? He said that he would consider it.

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