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Andy Lau's SWITCH has made 250 million yuan RMB in the Mainland but has been called a product placement promotional film
Lin Chiling wants to elevate herself with SWITCH but ends up reducing herself to "flower pot".
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The Andy Lau Tak Wa and Lin Chiling starred SWITCH (TIN GEI FU CHUN SAN GUI TOH) accumulated over 250 million yuan RMB at the Mainland box office, but its poor review was just as strong as the box office. The poor review even expanded to Hong Kong and Taiwan. The film after 6 days in release in Hong Kong made around HK$1.5 million. In Taiwan to avoid Lin Chiling to be the only target, today's premiere and all promotions have been cancelled in the last minute. Some online joked that Lin Chiling who had her heart set on being promoted from "flower vase" to "blue and white porcelain" now could only be a "flower pot".

Lau Tak Wa and Lin Chiling's first collaboration made over 250 million yuan RMB in the Mainland but landed countless bad reviews. Most focused on flaws like the director's skills, the story, and editing. The film gathered all manners of film ideas but not the story itself; viewers thought they were watching a spy film that was also like a romance, but in the end it was also an action film with comedy. They truly were unable to find the theme. Some pointed out that this film was like a product placement promotional films and "the most rotten of rotten films".

The film was released in Hong Kong for 6 days, its box office was only HK$1.5 million. Wa Jai only said about SWITCH being called a rotten film, "It's very fair for people to want to criticize, only every film has its own fate. I hope this film's word of mouth wouldn't affect BLIND DETECTIVE (MAN TAM)'s performance because the two films have nothing to do with each other. If you want to blame someone blame it on 'Lau Tak Wa', please do not add it to BLIND DETECTIVE."

Since Wa Jai was unable to promote in Taiwan, Lin Chiling would become the only target. Thus the premiere and promotions scheduled for tonight have been cancelled. Lin Chiling replied through her manager Dannis, "Thank you film company for being attentive!" He felt that this film's various negative reviews in the Mainland have already lost focus. After discussions with the film company they decided to cancel the promotions for the recently ailing Lin Chiling to properly rest.

Lin Chiling originally hoped to work with Lau Tak Wa and elevated herself from "flower vase" to "blue and white porcelain" status. Yet online rating has reduced her to "flower pot". However, many praised how well Lin Chiling maintained her figure. Her manager said, "Lin Chiling concentrated on her acting job and completed the director's requests. She should happily accept good responses, humbly accept criticism, respect and coordinate with the film company's decisions."

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