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Jimmy Wang laments the loss of an old friend
Linda Wong says her father will attend Lau Kar Leung's funeral
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Jimmy Wang Yu and Lau Kar Leung were friends. When he spoke about his friend Lau Kar Leung's passing in a Taiwan interview he lamented, "Lau Kar Leung deserves the most credit for Hong Kong martial art films. He knew how to use any weapon in his hand, he was an authentic Wong Fei Hung descendant!" Wang Yu rested for a while after his stroke. During his recovery he made the film SOUL, with Joseph Chang as his son. He revealed that he has not quit drinking because of the stroke. Earlier this year because he went home drunk, he fell down when he went to the bathroom and his arm was left with a very long scar. When he woke up in the morning he saw the blood stain in his sheets and realized that the injury was not light. If the wound cut deeper he was afraid that he would not be around. As for his daughter Linda Wong Hing Ping's return, Wang Yu said that he did not know. They have not had contact for awhile as they lived their own lives.

Two nights ago Wong Hing Ping attended a charity vegetarian banquet spoke about her father. She said that when her father found out about Lau Kar Leung's passing he was very sad. He was very upset that someone with such love and honor left. She said that she did not want her father to be exhausted from travel, but she knew that he definitely will fly back to Hong Kong to attend Lau Kar Leung's funeral. She said that Wang Yu was very healthy and would often return to Hong Kong to visit her grandmother.

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