Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Josephine Siao dances the IN THE LASER choreography
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Josephine Siao cheers on Jim Chim and Lo Hoi Pang at their show rehearsal
Josephine Siao surprises Jim Chim with her PLAIN JANE glasses
Josephine Siao displayed her comedy genes with PLAIN JANE

Josephine Siao Fong Fong yesterday appeared in the Hong Kong Coliseum to visit Jim Chim Shui Man and Lo Hoi Pang's rehearsal for their impersonation show. Sister Fong presented her classic character Plain Jane's glasses to cheer them on. Jim Sir was so surprised that he jumped for joy. Brother Pang jokingly asked Sister Fong Fong, "Did you take a wrong turn?"

Sister Fong Fong said that she rather enjoyed Jim Sir and Brother Pang's humor, but due to her ear ailment she could not watch the show. Yet she still bought several dozen tickets in support, so friends could tell her about it after watching. She also thanked Jim Sir for working on the sex education course videos for her End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation. Brother Pang joked, "Oh! You help her do it!" Jim Sir suggested for Brother Pang to help the cause. Sister Fong Fong said that she had to take the chance and invite him. Brother Pang of course agreed. "I will teach people no to compensate dating and yes to screwing around."

Jim Sir, Brother Pang and male dancers performed Roman Tam (Law Man)'s IN THE LASER. Sister Fong Fong asked them if they would show off their "career lines"? Brother Pang again joked, "The line is there, just a bit narrow." Jim Sir joked, "If I want a career line, I can draw it." He agreed to give a DVD to Sister Fong Fong to enjoy at home after its release.

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