Wednesday, June 12, 2013


6-Wing's second daughter was born yesterday and winked at the camera
Ada Choi dresses her younger daughter Baozi like a Fresh Meat Zong
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6-Wing received his Father's Day present earlier, as his wife Rainah gave birth to his second daughter yesterday. She became the Tuen Ng Festival Baby. 6-Wing announced the good news. Originally his wife was expected to deliver in July. Yesterday their daughter was born early and both mother and daughter were fine. He thanked his wife for giving him an early Father's Day present. Their daughter weighed 6 pound 13 ounces.

6-Wing wrote online, "I would always forget anyone's Lunar birthday, but you this Tuen Ng B I won't be able to forget. From now on your birthday will be a public holiday as well! No wonder when you were born you looked so arrogant! P.S. From on on you won't get birthday cakes for your birthdays, you will be having salty meat zong!" 6-Wing shared his daughter's photo with fans. The new born baby girl "winked" at the camera and stuck out her tongue. 6-Wing and Rainah's older daughter Lok Yat Wing is already more than 1 year old and now she is an older sister!

Ada Choi Siu Fun posted a photo of her younger daughter "Baozi" with a diaper on her head. Choi Siu Fun wished her fans a Happy Tuen Ng Festival and claimed that her daughter was a new "fresh meat zong". She asked if everyone had their zong already? Her husband Max Zhang Jun rushed in and said he wanted one; Choi Siu Fun replied that this fresh meat zong is very expensive!

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