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Jessica Chastain
Hu Bing, Zhang Lanxin, Leon Jay Williams, Zi Nuo
Karen Mok and Keanu Reeves promote MAN OF TAI CHI
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Nick Cheung, Crystal Lee, director Dante Lam
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Nick Cheung suffers a lot for his role, the Best Actor award should bring some comfort
Crystal Lee becomes the youngest Golden Goblet Best Actress
Crystal Lee and Nick Cheung play neighbors who are like father and daughter in UNBEATABLE
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The 16th Shanghai International Film Festival closed yesterday and presented the Golden Goblet Award. Nick Cheung Ka Fai with UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN) won Best Actor and his 10 year old co-star Crystal Lee won Best Actress. The jury praised her natural and real acting. Crystal Lee is the youngest Golden Goblet Best Actress. She was happy and fearless, as she demonstrated multiple languages on the stage.

Cheung Ka Fai originally was working on a movie in Malaysia, but yesterday he rushed to Shanghai to attend the film festival. For UNBEATABLE's down on his luck fighter, he trained hard and even broke his finger during training. Winning Best Actor should be a comfort for him. Cheung Ka Fai said, "To win this award at the Shanghai International Film Festival is very hard because it's not just us. Many other countries participate as well, so I am especially excited about winning an award. I never expected that little girl to win Best Actress just now. She has already won Best Actress at such a young age, what will she do in the future? After winning this award, I still will keep winning hard."

Crystal Lee became the youngest Golden Goblet Best Actress. Because the microphone stand was set too high, she had to stand tiptoed to give her speech. Crystal Lee smiled fearlessly. "Good evening everyone! First I have to thank the director and the film company for giving me this opportunity. I also have to thank the teachers on the jury, thank you everyone." The host knew about Crystal Lee's knack for language and invited her to greet everyone in different languages. Crystal Lee greeted the audience in Malay, English, Japanese, and Cantonese and received thunderous applause. Cheung Ka Fai and Crystal Lee in the film played neighbors. Although they were not related by blood, they developed a father and daughter like relationship.

The Golden Goblet Award big winners were the Russian film THE MAJOR and the Swedish film FORTROLIGHETEN with three awards each. THE MAJOR won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Music; FORTROLIGHETEN won the jury prize, Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography.

The closing ceremony took place in the rain, as many guests walked the red carpet under umbrellas. Gigi Chiu Nga Chi had her husband Melvin Wong Kam Sum to be her bodyguard. Jackie Chan led the POLICE STORY 2013 cast including Mainland star Jing Tian and Liu Ye. Diana Pang Tan took the chance to "bust" up the red carpet. The child to young woman star Xu Jiao and Taiwan lyrics writer Vincent Fang wore modified modern Han costumes.

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