Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[2013.06.26] COURT ISSUES HK$150,000 TO GORDON LIU

Gordon Liu's guardian Fan Yik Man with Liu's lawyer
courtesy of mingpao.com

Suffering from right side hemiplegia due to a stroke, famous martial art star Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai) (originally named Sin Kam Hei) earlier filed suit to demand his former assistant Eva Fung to return the 1.38 million yuan RMB and HK$140,000 saving that was in her care for his life and medical expenses. The case was heard yesterday. The court according to Lau's request first released HK$150,000, Eva must turn the sum over to the court.

Lau Ka Fai's guardian Fan Yik Man yesterday was also at court. She was very pleased with the judge's verdict, pointing out that Lau Ka Fai is not at a private nursing home. "He is a great spirits. He gained 6 pounds and is improving with his walking. He started to be able to talk a little." He also said that Lau relied on his savings to live, but most of it has already been spent. Thus he needed help from friends around him. Fan Yik Man also pointed out that, the fact was before the lawsuit they have already given Eva ample time to explain the whereabouts about the account, but she kept on dragging her feet.

Lau Ka Fai's lawyer yesterday stated that they demanded a monthly release of 100,000 from the account in question for Lau's medical expense until the trial. Eva's lawyer said that Eva in April wrote to the firm that the sum in question "involved arrangement of my agreement with Lau Ka Fai, which was different from what Lau said". Since then she did not receive any further instruction. As far as he knew Eva will return from the U.S. Monday. Yesterday she was unable to appear in court. He felt that the case involved many factual disputes and that Eva should have ample time to prepare evidence.

The judge ordered the defendant to turn over the 1.387 million yuan RMB and the HK$149,000 to the court and release 150,000 to Lau until the September 9 case management hearing when the trial matter will be handled. The judge said that the monthly release of 100,000 awaited argument and a trial will be scheduled as soon as possible.

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