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The Andy Lau Tak Wa and Lin Chiling starred film SWITCH (TIN GEI FU CHUN SAN GUI TOH) two nights ago held a premiere at apm, attracted several thousands fans who packed the shopping center. When Wa Jai said that in the film he played a Chinese special agent and was just as handsome as he always has been, fans immediately cheered and screamed Wa Jai endlessly. Wa Jai thus arrogantly said, "Just from listening to these voices you would know, sometimes it's pretty good to be an idol."

Working with Wa Jai for the first time, Lin Chiling said that it was like a dream. Several years ago at the Golden Horse Award, she had a "hug of love" with her idol Wa Jai. She never expected to have a "jump of love" this time. Wa Jai pointed out that Lin Chiling took risks and was daring. When she wanted to jump, he could only follow; finally the host asked them for another "hug of love".

Later, Wa Jai revealed that at the Golden Horse Award he felt Lin Chiling would turn him down and could not feel more embarrassed. He said, "I stood there waiting for her hug, I extended my arms for a dozen second or so and she still hasn't acted. So I could only lower my arms, I felt like I was turned down." Lin Chiling immediately explained that at the time many Wa Jai fans were present, she felt very scared and embarrassed. Wa Jai said, "Now she is much more daring." How did another "hug of love" with the great beauty feel? Wa Jai said, "In the film we had too many hugs, but their impact was still great."

The film was already released in the Mainland and had a big opening. Wa Jai thanked everyone for their support and said that it was very encouraging that viewers accepted them. In recent years the Mainland liked strong stories and scripts that were closer to it. SWITCH was a commercial film, although it already opened in the Mainland he did not ask about the box office. He also never thought about how many hundred million yuan it will make. He said, "One step at a time." The Mainland version was 40 minutes longer than the Hong Kong and Taiwan versions, so many Lin Chiling scenes like the S and M scene would not appear in Hong Kong. Lin Chiling admitted that and thus asked everyone to watch the Mainland version in the Mainland after watching the Hong Kong version.

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