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Eason Chan can be funny, Nicholas Tse can handle action.  Their movie will definitely set off a lot of spark
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The 32 year old Nicholas Tse Ting Fung has been in show business for over 10 years and experienced marriage, parenthood, divorce and career rises and falls. He has become much more mature. He sentimentally said, "Everyone should live in the moment. Many city people think too much, first they should do what makes them happy. Actually sometimes nothing exciting is already great. When I have time I would dine with my family. If you don't think too much, you would be happier." When asked if he will wed again, he said, "If you ask me now definitely no. I am a very dull person, how can I? If I have a new female companion, everyone would know. Let love develop naturally! Can you force it?" He said that now he would only focus on work and taking care of his two sons. Ting Fung praised former wife Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi. "I am considered a strict father, Pak Chi and I are on the same side, she has taught them very well. Both sons are very polite, obedient, and wouldn't talk a lot to bother others. Pa kChi as a mother deserves a lot of credit."

Ting Fung's friend Eason Chan Yik Shun revealed that they planned to make a movie together. Eason said, "Ting Fung lately has more free time, we often chat about making a movie. Maybe in the next three, five seven years! However I am not young anymore (39 next month), I can't play a character in his twenties."

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