Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Fala Chen, Simon Yam, Susan Shaw and Tony Leung Ka Fai promote the film on Canal  Road in Causeway Bay
DaDa Chan picks up a slipper to beat a villain
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Tony Leung Ka Fai, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Fala Chen, DaDa Chan Jing and other actors two nights ago gathered around Canal Road in Causeway Bay for villain beating and photos with models who were dressed like paper offering to promote their film TALES FROM THE DARK that was based on Lillian Lee Bik Wa's work.

Leung Ka Fai was in great spirits. He revealed that during the shoot, he had great chemistry with his first time co-star Kelly Chen Wai Lam because they exchanged parenting tips. He said, "I have been a father for years and have a lot of experience. Looking back when I became a father the pressure was enormous. I took had pre and postnatal depression."

Ka Fai's twin daughters are around 20 years old. He worried that they could not have boyfriends. He joked that in the future he will be willing to throw in a big bed and ample dowry for their weddings. Have his daughters share their personal lives with him? Ka Fai declined to answer questions about his daughters' privacy and said that their rebellious stage has passed. Speaking of Michael Wong Man Tak's daughter Wong Man Hei being caught smoking, Ka Fai said that it was no big deal and even clarified his daughter's report for her. "Earlier my daughter put a photo of her smoking in the bathtub on facebook and people wrote about it. Actually it was a school project about decadence, she asked her sister to take that photo. She only shared it online but someone downloaded it."

The open minded Ka Fai did not blame his daughter. He and his wife have provided good family education for 20 years. Since their daughters are adults, he would not stop them from smoking and drinking. Ka Fai was a negative example. "Finally they can't be too excessive, as long as they are not like Papa (arrested after drinking) then they are fine. I don't mind talking about it because it is a fact."

Fala Chen showed no fear during the ghost film production, instead she thought the story was attractive. In the film she played a mental patient, thus she visited a psychiatrist for suggestions and preparation. However she was treated as a patient. She said, "When I went to see the doctor, the nurse took my identification card and registered me as a patient. I asked the doctor a lot of questions, later he realized that I was asking him for his professional opinions, comprehended the actual case and analyzed the character for me. Finally I wasn't even charged for the session." Fala said that playing a mental patient did not scare off her boyfriend. She also revealed that later she went to the market to learn to gut a fish. She said, "The character required me to gut someone, so I paid attention to the fishing gutting technique. At the same time, to get into character, I even moved to the building where the film was being shot and stayed there alone for a few nights."

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