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Mary Jean Reimer speaks to the media briefly as she leaves, saying that Master Lau Kar Leung belongs to Hong Kong

Lau Kar Leung's DRUNKEN MONKEY photo will be used at the funeral
The Hung Kuen motto will be the side couplet at Lau Kar Leung's funeral
Nat Chan reveals the establishment of a Lau Kar Leung film fund
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Grand Master of a Generation Lau Kar Leung passed away on June 25 at age 76. His widow Mary Jean Reimer (Yung Jing Jing) held back the pain of losing her husband to organize the funeral for Lau Kar Leung. Yesterday she with her older daughter Lau Man Yi met with Nat Chan Pak Cheung and others to discuss Lar Kar Leung's funeral arrangement, which has been scheduled for the services to begin on July 23th, the funeral on the 24th and the cremation at Po Lin Monastery on the 29th. Lau Kar Leung was a Hung Kuen disciple. His funeral alter and tombstone would be decorated with "Grand Master of a Generation" in the center and Hung Kuen motto as the sides couplet. Lau Kar Leung spent his lifetime to promote Chinese martial arts. After his death Yung Jing Jing will establish a "Lau Kar Leung film fund" to assist kung fu film professionals.

With a black Chinese dress, sunglasses and Buddhist beads, Yung Jing Jing yesterday with daughter Lau Man Yi, Master Lau's disciple Sin Kwok Lam went to the Hong Kong Film Award Association office to meet with Ah Lek, Shaw executive Wong Ka Hei, Society of Film Editors (Hong Kong), Hong Kong Film Arts Association, Ting Yu and others to discuss Master Lau Kar Leung's funeral arrangement. The meeting took place for half a hour.

After the meeting ended, Yung Jing Jing who declined to pose for photos or interviews hid in the conference room as Ah Lek spoke on her behalf; as Ah Lek was talking she grabbed her daughter Man Yi by the hand and took the opportunity to leave. Yung Jing Jing did not respond to any media question. When she descended the stairway, reporters almost tripped and fell. For the safety of the media, she said that she would speak at a safer location.

Yung Jing Jing's sunglasses still could not hide her sorrow and exhaustion. She said, "Thank you everyone for everyone's support of Master. Now film industry unions and the martial art world got together to do something for Master, I hope the reporter union would work together as well for everyone to make this event great together." Everyone was worried about her emotions. She said, "Thank you, I am much calmer, much better than the first day. (What about your daughters?) We are all much calmer because we have already accepted this. After acceptance we have to help Master with his affairs according to his wishes. Master belonged to Hong Kong, belonged to everyone. Together we will make this great."

Yung Jing Jing pointed out that Master Lau asked Ah Lek to be the chair, so Ah Lek would make the announcements. She said, "Please give me a little space, if anything happens I will speak up on facebook." Yung Jing Jing is a Buddhist, at age 11 she already took refuge. This time the funeral ceremony will also be taking refuge for Master Lau to officially become a Buddhist. Will she leave home for Master? She said, "Let's stop here for now, thank you everyone!"

Two days ago when Yung Jing Jing returned home, she wrote on facebook that two nights ago was the only night that she was able to sleep peacefully. Among the eight dukkha of life, she now experienced the pain of losing love and a loved one. She revealed that after her husband's passing she collapsed emotionally. Luckily Ling Wan Temple's top nun took her and her daughters into the nunnery, otherwise she did not know whether she would have done something silly. Master Lau aside from the Po Fook Hill niches also had a tablet spot in Ling Wan Temple. She asked people in lieu of sending flowers to make a donation to the Ling Wan Temple charity fund to assist with temple maintenance so it may benefit others further.

Ah Lek served as the funeral committee chair and revealed the funeral arrangement details. He said that yesterday he invited Mrs. Lau to the meeting to update her on the funeral arrangements and hear her wishes. As for the pallbearers, Mrs. Lau made suggestions but they have not been confirmed yet. He said that Mrs. Lau did not want too many floral arrangements, so everyone would instead donate to the temporarily named "Lau Kar Leung film fund" to help kung fu film professionals. Mrs. Lau will be responsible for the funeral costs. She will first make a deposit to the Performing Artist Guild, the remaining sum will also go to the fund.

Earlier Yung Jing Jing purchased 15 connecting niches in Po Fook Hill. Ah Lek said that Mrs. Lau wanted Master Lau's tombstone to have a film feel. The Hong Kong Film Arts Association will be responsible. The center plaque will say "Grand Master of A Generation" and the side couplet will be Hung Kuen motto. The photo may be Master Lau in action in the film DRUNKEN MONKEY (JUI MA LAU). The funeral altar will be decorated in the same manner, with white lotus and white rose decorations. Master Lau's son will lead the procession. He also said that the Film Archive will create a program for Master. At the altar Master's classic film footage will be shown as well.

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