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Playing a lost fighter is not difficult for Nick Cheung
Eddie Peng has 3 months of hellish training for the film
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The 16th Shanghai International Film Festival will open on Saturday. The opening ceremony will have almost 400 Chinese and foreign film stars and guests, including director Oliver Stone, Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun), Lin Chiling, Huang Xiaoming, Jo In-Sung and Kim Ha-Neul. The committee at the opening ceremony will present Chinese Film Outstanding Contribution Award to Tsui Hark and a Film Lifetime Achievement Award to Oliver Stone.

The Shanghai International Film Festival's Golden Goblet Awards have 14 nominated films, 3 of which are Chinese films. They are the Dante Lam Chiu Yin directed UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN), Sherwood Hu Xueha's AMAZING and and Barbara Wong Chun Chun's THE STOLEN YEARS. UNBEATABLE's lead actors Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Eddie Peng Yu-Yen caught attention as they will compete with Huang Xiaoming and Joseph Chang Hau Chuen for Best Actor. In the film Cheung Ka Fai played a lost fighter, earlier his muscle man transformation was already the talk of the town. Peng Yu-Yen during the shoot also had 3 months of hellish training to turn his body into 3% fat condition.

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