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Andy Lau and Lin Chiling have chemistry 
Andy Lau continues to play cool while Lin Chiling plays pregnant
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Andy Lau Tak Wa and Lin Chiling worked together on the film SWITCH (TIN GEI FU CHUN SAN GUI TOH), which opened yesterday. Lin Chiling in the film had 24 costumes and she liked every one of them. Her favorite was the bald priestess look, which took 5 hours. "After it was completed, no one was able to recognize me." Wa Jai also thought Lin Chiling's bald look was very special but was not natural enough.

Wa Jai revealed that he and Lin Chiling had an ambiguous relationship but few ambiguous scenes. He complained that they did not have a single bed scene. Wa Jai said, "I of course would like a bed scene with Lin Chiling." Did he feel any regret? Wa Jai felt that opportunity will always present itself in the future. Someone suggested that later he could fund a film that had bed scenes with Lin Chiling in the entire film. Wa Jai said, "That's good too. We will fight from the bunk bed to the water bed, which will be very special. After RUNNING OUT OF TIME (UM JIN), it will be UM CHONG SAT GEI (HIDDEN BED KILLING INTENT)." Even Wa Jai could not help but laugh at this point. He even asked Lin Chiling if she would make it. If Lin Chiling did not he would not make it. Lin Chiling played along, "Since Wa Jai asked, how dare I not agree."

Wa Jai was all ready except for investors. "As soon as I have investors it will start production right away, I believe as soon as the news hits the street, the phone will be ringing nonstop. I will be very busy." Later he asked investors not to be sneaky. Lin Chiling thought he was being serious about a series of bed scenes with her. She screamed, "I am very scared!"

Wa Jai revealed that the most memorable part of SWITCH was the 40 story jump with Lin Chiling in Dubai. "I never thought about jumping, but Lin Chiling didn't know how to be scared. Before I approved she already said that she wanted to try it." Lin Chiling said, "I am Gutsy Lin, I like to take risks." Wa Jai revealed that the daring Lin Chiling did not know how to jump. "I told her, just jump. When I let go, you let go; she asked me when so I could only push her off." Lin Chiling said, "I was scared to death, I thought guys would hold girls' hands. I didn't expect him to push me off. So this is the only time, I won't jump again."

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