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Zhang Ziyi and Deng Chao
Tony Leung Chiu Wai is surprised to receive flowers
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Zhang Ziyi and Tony Leung Chiu Wai yesterday flew to Seoul, Korea to prepare for the China Film Festival Sunday with famous director Wong Kar Wai. Several dozen fans and the media welcomed them at the airport. They were very friendly as they often waved to the crowd and accept flowers. Zhang Ziyi even went to sign autographs for fans.

Zhang Ziyi recently has been bombarded for her fashion choices. Three days ago when she wore Moschino's latest 2013 fashion to THE VOICE OF CHINA taping, she did not expect to be strongly criticized. Some accused her of deliberately dressing young, her face and her look were completely incompatible, as a mentor she should not wear student clothing; even in Korea she still was "attacked", as some online blasted her for being outdated with her causal wear. She was even more outdated than 60s black and white film stars. Luckily Korean media still praised her choice of clothing as comfortable and friendly. Wai Jai as usual wore the simple denim look, his killer smile but his sunglasses covered up his electrifying eyes.

Zhang Ziyi, Wai Jai and Wong Kar Wai tomorrow will participate in the China Film Festival press conference. They will walk the red carpet alongside Korean stars Jang Dong-Gun, Jung Woo-Sung, Park Shin-Hye and others. Zhang Ziyi and Wai Jai will host the opening ceremony together and meet with Korean fans. On the 17th Zhang Ziyi will leave Seoul for Shanghai to attend the Shanghai Film Festival with MY LUCKY STAR.

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