Thursday, June 13, 2013


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Johnson Lee Si Jit's program OFFICE OF PRACTICAL JOKES has spread fear across the entire entertainment industry and became a hit. However Si Jit stated that in the short term he would not make more episodes. "At first it will be a year, so people would be so scared to see me." Actually in the "final episode" his victim Nancy Sit Ka Yin also forced him to "wash his hands in the golden basin" and retire from practical jokes. Si Jit also wanted to challenge himself. "In August this year I will make a live action version of OLD MASTER Q (LO FU JI). I have always wanted to make a category I film, like a Disney film that is for the whole family and the entire world can watch."

As for casting, he revealed that Ellen Chan Nga Lun and child star Crystal Lee Hing Hau will participate. "I will play Old Master Q. (Will he have a romance?) How can Old Master Q be without Miss Chan. (Will Miss Chan be Chan Nga Lun?) She is one of the female leads, but not Miss Chan. (Will you have a character for your girlfriend Wang Lukian (Wong Bo Bo)?) Hahahaha, I haven't wanted one yet. If I have a right one I can cast her and see. (She still needs casting? You are so familiar!) Haha, I am not talking about personal stuff! (It's work!) I will use the right one, I wouldn't write a character just for her."

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