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Oxide Pang visits the set and claims to be a Nick Cheung fan
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Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) two days ago went to Malaysia to work on the Nick Cheung Ka Fai directed and starred film MENG LAN SUN GUNG. Due to the heat, the team arranged for workers to hold an umbrella, a fan and wipe her sweat for her. She joked that she was the Empress Dowager. The demanding Ka Fai during the shoot shot a dramatic scene with Sum Yau and took 9 takes. Oxide Pang Shun who was a surprise visitor on the set joked, "She didn't present incense today, no wonder she had to shoot 8 more times. If she did, she would be done in two!"

Sum Yau in the film had to perform Cantonese opera with Carrie Ng Ka Lai. During the shoot, Ka Fai also arranged for them to study with an instructor for a more convincing performance. Two days ago at the first day of work, Sum Yau received special treatment as she waited. She joked, "I became the Empress Dowager." She also said that because in her last film she spoke Putonghua and this time she spoke Cantonese, the hardest part of the first day was "changing the channel". She not only had to avoid using Putonghua but also focus on her own and her co-star's performance. Sum Yau this time traveled with her mother. "Because I always went abroad for movies, I thought this was the best way. I could increase the time that I spend with my family." Because it was a ghost film, she revealed, a friend gave her a glass bottle as a charm for her. During the shoot she carried it around.

During the shoot, Ka Fai's friend and director Pang Shun suddenly visited the set. Ka Fai said, "He came to collect protection money, as soon as I give him laisee he leaves." Pang Shun pointed out that Malaysia was his real home as his wife Angelica Lee Sinjie and his daughter was born here. "Ka Fai came to my turf to make a movie, I came to remind him that ghost film productions require incense everyday. Did you present incense today?" Ka Fai replied, "I did yesterday." Pang Shun laughed and said, "No incense, no wonder you had to shoot it 9 times. If you did, twice and you are done!" Pang Shun also admitted, "I am a little envious of Ka Fai because he was able to an investor to make an authentic Hong Kong ghost film. Now very few investors would make this subject. I am getting a little itchy too, hoping to be able to make an authentic Hong Kong ghost film again."

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