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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing two nights ago attended the film SILENT WITNESS (CHUEN MUN MUK GIK) premiere and announced that the film was selected for the 5th China Image Film Festival and the 1st London Chinese International Film Festival. Sing Sing said that he was very happy and encouraged about the film selection. He would like to personally attend the film festivals.

SILENT WITNESS has performed well in the Mainland. Sing Sing pointed out that it defeated UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN), OUT OF INFERNO (TOH CHOOK SUN TIN) and SPECIAL ID (DUT SHU SUN FUN) and was second only to YOUNG DETECTIVE DEE at the box office. How did the victory over the "Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan feel? Sing Sing humbly said, "Don't say that, the comparison is more positive and direct. When even a drama can break out, it is indeed something to be happy about."

Sing Sing recommended this film to female viewers and even asked everyone to bring tissues. Would he ask his female friends to show their support? He said that the event has already invited Kelly Fu Ka Lei and Shiga Lin Si Nga. Later he will invite his mother and sister. He also jokingly asked, "Isn't Ma a woman? (Mother is not a girlfriend.) I feel that family is more important, in addition it depends of friends' schedules."

Lin Si Nga admitted to be a Sing Sing fan. When she saw her idol her face immediately turned red like a little fan. When reporters asked them for a photo, Lin Si Nga held Sing Sing's hand tightly and was reluctant to let go. Sing Sing said, "I have heard your songs too." Lin Si Nga was very happy. Later she said to reporters, "When Sing Sing said that, my face turned red. His hand was very warm and he was very friendly." Lin Si Nga admitted that she was very tense about being able to meet her idol because she has always admired him.

Sing Sing liked long legged girls, did Lin Si Nga take the chance and exchange phone numbers? She said that she did not dare and joked that it was not her turn yet. She was just a little fan. Would she like guys who were shorter than her? She said that her height was close to Sing Sing's, only she was in high heels two nights ago.

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