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Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Peter Ho Yun Tung, Gigi Leung Wing Kei starred 3D film THE MONKEY KING (SAI YAU GEI ji DAI LAU TIN GUNG) has been completed for a long time. Finally it has been confirmed for a Lunar New Year's Day release.

Recently the cast appeared on a Mainland magazine cover with the "Eastern Super Heroes" theme. Playing the Monkey King, Yen Chi Tan held the golden staff. The "Bull Demon King" Kwok Fu Sing shouldered the iron axe. "Erlang Shen" Ho Yun Tung had a Black Howling Celestial Dog by his side. "Chang E" Leung Wing Kei held a jade rabbit and closed her eyes in deep thought. "Princess Iron Fan" Joe Chen Chiao-En was mysterious and cold in a black, long dress. "Nu Wu" Zhang Zilin looked afar and danced.

The film mixed fantasy and trendy styles and hired a Hollywood special effect team and top local fashion designers to make Sun Wukong's mighty dominance, the Bull Demon King's coolness, and other characters' unique styles stand out. Producer Liu Xiaoguang said that the Hollywood special effect team realistically brought back the "Magic Monkey Birth" Wukong image. Yen Chi Tan during the shoot not only had to wear a realistic muscle suit but also had an over 5 hour long "hair transplant" everyday. The William Chang Suk Ping designed Bull Demon King costume was in black and dark red, displaying its air of mystery.

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